Francky’s quest for perfection is forged by careful hand picking of the ingredients.  Only the very best of the best, organically harvested vegetables and meats will make it to the kitchen, as he personally attends to the process of selection.

This makes us unique, as almost ninety percent of the ingredients are grown, nurtured and handpicked by Francky, using only organic methods of farming with sustainability at the core of his food philosophy.

Francky makes sure that every dish spells perfection, excels in soothing your senses, and leaves you with a unique sensory delight.  Every dish that he presents is designed to etch a purpose, carry a meaning and excel in smell, sight and of course taste.

Our wine list is an eclectic mix of the best of the region and greater New Zealand.  In it you will find both the highly regarded and little known gems.

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