A night of decadent murder, who could resist?

Lord and Lady Toby le Rone from Expertease Theatre will welcome you with open arms to their little celebration at St Georges Restaurant.

The award winning chef of the house, Francky Godinho will prepare a dinner that is to die for! Start the evening with delectable nibbles as you socialise with the other suspects.

The dining room will be set, candles will be lit with logs blazing away on the fire.

Dinner will inspire your sight, evoke your senses and awaken your taste buds! After dinner, the mystery will unfold, secrets will be revealed, trust no one, suspect everyone …. Death by Dessert

You will be given a character, the scenario and a few clues ten days before the event. Dress as you would to an evening of fine dining and intrigue. Secrets will be revealed throughout the evening as you and your fellow diners try to solve the mystery.

It would be criminal not to go.

Please contact office@expertease.co.nz to register your email address so that you can receive your character information for the evening.

Winter F.A.W.C! – Picture roaring fires glasses of rich, full bodied Hawke’s Bay Syrah and lashings of local lamb and venison prepared in a multitude of warming ways by terribly clever chefs. Wine cellars will be put to good use this winter with local food & wine offerings showing off at over 50 events in four weekends.